Saturday, December 10, 2011


Tulcea Romania 1986 / 2011 Ukraine Slavutich

photography: Simona Rota

The left image is a crop from an old black and white photograph from 1896 where I am in front of a monument in Tulcea, a town in south-east Romania. I was a kid, a school girl and I was there in order to become a "pioneer" of the Communist Party, to receive the red scarf (as every school kid from Romania at that time). The monument was the place where to be photographed wearing the newly acquired red scarf.

The right image is a still from a video I have took while I was going by car to Slavutich, in Ukraine. Slavutich is in a way the last ideal soviet town; it had to be planned in order to receive and give a home to the people that had to leave Tchernobyl after the explosion. It was finished in 1989, the same year when the Soviet Union got dismantled. The story of the town in itself and its circumstances is a metaphor for the Soviet Union's system. 

When in 1986, somewhere quite near to my town, the system revealed how wrong it was, I was just entering into it. By going to Slavutich, in 2011, in a cold morning, black and white landscape all around, I felt that one circle, one of the many in which I, anyone lives, closed perfectly. Leaving me outside.

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