Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Ostalgia" in show at SCAN Festival


Ostalgia is going to be exhibited within the group show Talent Latent at the International Festival of Photogrpahy SCAN 12, along with works by other 9 mates: Clare Gallagher ( North Ireland, 1978); Lorena Guillén (Argentina, 1974), Dorothée Smith (France, 1985), Mariano Icaza (Bilbao, 1964), Jordi Díaz (Pontevedra - Tarragona, 1979), Sebastián Liste (Alicante, 1985), Salvi Danés (Barcelona, 1985), Salva López (Barcelone, 1984), Eva Lauterlein (Switzerland, 1977)

Curator: Jesús Micó
Coordinator: Josep Rigol

Venue: Espai Tabacalera, Tarragona
Dates: 26 Oct - 24 Dec 2012




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